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XGen + Collision modifiers problems

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XGen + Collision modifiers problems

I can't get collision modifiers in XGen in Maya 2018 to work. Adding one produces the following error:


// Error: XGen: Failed to find description2/Collision1/ //
// Error: XGen: Searched path includes:
/..../Documents/maya/projects/default/xgen/collections/collection2/description2/Collision1/ (Part of path doesn't exist)
/..../xgen/description2/Collision1/ (Part of path doesn't exist)
/Applications/Autodesk/maya2018/plug-ins/xgen/presets/description2/Collision1/ (Part of path doesn't exist) //
// Error: XGen: File does not exist: ${DESC}/${FXMODULE}/ Deactivating the module. [collection2,description2,Collision1] //


To reproduce:

- create sphere

- create new xgen description/collection with spline primitives (e.g. for long hair)

- add collision modifier

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in reply to: lszumilas

Hi @lszumilas and welcome to the community!


The collision modifiers don't work by default like in the steps you provided.


Generally you may need animwires set up or you could do the work through the Interactive Grooming.


Here's a video example of someone setting up colliders properly.



Please let me know if this information helps or if you need any more assistance!



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in reply to: sean.heasley

Thank you for the advise!

I've figured out last night that colliders work when I start with XGen interactive editor->Create->Create interactive groom splines. I'll explore this option more as it is probably sufficient for my needs.

I have also managed to access it from python.

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in reply to: lszumilas

Awesome! Glad you're back up and running Smiley Happy

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in reply to: sean.heasley

my collision object tabScreenshot 2022-04-16 091420.png won't expand so I cant select any objects, I want to fix this very quick for my project but I have no idea how to

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