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Vray stop rendering after 10 frames. Odd !

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Vray stop rendering after 10 frames. Odd !

Hi there.


Quick question. Any idea why my render stops after 10 frames. I have a large sequence. The Maya scene file is fairly large, around 1.5 gig. Memory problem ? Well, Im using the cache geometry and btimaps options, there is no reflections/refraction, no subdivisions, etc. Dynamic memory limit is on 0. I have 125 gig of ram.


Any ideas ?!. Never happens before, I mean, many problems happens before, but not like this one, its render 10 frames and then is like, nah, I dont want to render anymore, and maya batch stops.


Working with Maya 2017 and Vray Build 3.40.04



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Did you define the frame range to be rendered in Render Settings -> Common -> Frame Range, i ask because 10 frames is the default for animation?

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Hi there. My sequence is 500 frames long. Soooo odd ! And it's not a memory problem. Double check that. No idea what is doing that. Maya error number 12123414348123 cheers.
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Hi @alvaro_letelier,


is the issue specific to one scene or does a similar error also occur when you use a simple sample scene?

If it is related to this specific scene, would it be possible to upload the scene so that I can try to reproduce on my system?


Best, Nadja

Nadja Bueckmann

Technical Support Specialist – M&E (3ds Max, Maya)

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Hi there! I also have the same problem. After 390 frames, it stopped doing render, so i have to manually make render of each frame. The only warning i get is this >>> 
// Warning: line 1: V-Ray : Num samples per thread reduced to 127858, rendering might be slower


However, i don't think that it can be a problem, but anyway.

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same problem for me also 

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same problem for me also .i use new project drag all my files an render again the same issue happens only i need to render 20 frames 

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