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Viewport Highlighted Face Selection color issues

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Viewport Highlighted Face Selection color issues

Hello, I'm noticing that viewport face selections as well as edges in Maya on my home computer are dim, and look different than expected.


I'll attach a few images to show examples, but this issue is occurring across all the monitors I've tested on my PC, and in Maya 2020 and Maya 2022.


Here's the view on my end:


My viewport face selectionsMy viewport face selections


And additionally, in certain color space settings, it forms an odd circle on selections as well (this in the Maya 2020 viewport):


viewport selection2.jpg


In Maya 2022 it seems edges are darkening oddly in addition to the same artefacts shown above ^

viewport selection3.jpg


Compared to what it should look like in terms of intensity (On another user's monitor)

Another user's viewport selectionsAnother user's viewport selections


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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in reply to: deccorator

Apologies for following up so soon, I ended up resolving the issue. It turned out to be the global GPU Nvidia settings causing the effect in Maya.

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in reply to: deccorator

Hello! I faced the same problem, please tell me what parameter is fix this?

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