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Unable to select Painting Weights/Painting Weights not appearing

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Unable to select Painting Weights/Painting Weights not appearing

Good morning, I', working on a project for college and while I was working on the painting weights I accidentally pressed CTRL + X (at the time I didn't know this was the delete shortcut) and as I pressed that the program crashed, overwriting my save and making me start again. However from that point on wards I cant seem to access the painting weights function. I can go into the menu but whenever I click on the rig or the geometry nothing shows up in the menu. I have clicked on the rig, the geometry, unbound and reskinned my model, enabled a soft reboot of Maya, a hard reboot of Maya, a soft reboot of my laptop and a hard reboot of my laptop. 


I've attached a picture of my display. I'm not sure why this happened and as I've never encountered this issue before I'd be grateful for some advice. 


Thank you in advance!

Screenshot 2023-11-05 110829.png


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