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The UV set editor won't open

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The UV set editor won't open

Recently, the UV set editor can't open, I don't know what is wrong with Maya, which is very strange, but I don't want to delete the Maya documentation to solve this problem, that would reset Maya's personal habits.


I hope some expert can come up with a better solution. Thank you very much.

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Hello @Anonymous,


resetting the Maya user preferences will most likely solve this issue. You can find instructions how it works here: How to reset the Maya Preferences to Default.


Please make sure that Maya is closed in advance of renaming the prefs folder. In case that you want to store your personal settings like hotkeys, shelves, you can copy-paste the folders hotkeys, shelves and the file userNamedCommands.mel into the new prefs folder that is being created at the new start of Maya. 


Maya Backup Hotkeys and Shelves.jpg


If renaming the prefs folder did not solve the issues, you can also try to rename the version folder and copy-paste the relevant files that you want to keep. For example: C:\Users\YourUserName\Documents\maya\2020.


It happens from time to time that a reset of the user prefs makes sense. From my own experience, I was often missing the UV editor when it was opened on my 3rd screen and the next time I opened Maya on another screen, I could not open the UV editor. Resetting the user prefs did the trick to get it back quite quick.


Hope this helps!


Best regards,


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