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Skin weight influence order

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Skin weight influence order

Hi Maya community,


- I've got one rig, and multiple clothes.

- All clothes are skinned to that one rig.

- When I open the paint skin weights tool, I can see all the joints that are bound to all the different clothes.

- When sorting by Flat, the order of the joints are all different for every piece.

- This order has to be the same for every individual piece (this is needed for an Unity project that requires it to be the same order).

- I can manually middle mouse click the joints in a different order. But manually changing it will be very tedious and will take a looong time since there are many different clothes.


Question: Is there a script or trick available that can re-order the joints automatically in the paint skin weights tool? It doesn't really matter what order, as long as they are all the same.



Sorting by "alphabetically" and "hierarchy" is just a visual representation. The order is not really changed behind the scenes. Unity takes the order of "Flat".


Check the attached image to see how the "sort by flat" is different. That order has to be the same for all clothes.


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