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Setting preferences errors

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Setting preferences errors




It's my first hour of my first day of Maya and already bumping into way too many problems 


What I am trying to do is change rendering engine from OpenGl to DirectX on Preferences window.






Problem 1 :


When I try opening preferences, this error pops up and does not open preferences window  : 


// Error: file: C:/Program Files/Autodesk/Maya2020/scripts/startup/colorManagementUtilities.mel line 99: Error has occurred while exporting color management policy file "C:/Users/이정훈/AppData/Local/Temp/tempPolicy.xml" .


Funny thing is when I try some actions, e.g F8 to change from object type to component type and open preferences again, it sometimes does open preferences window, but also sometimes crush into another error code : 


// Error: file: C:/Program Files/Autodesk/Maya2020/scripts/startup/updatePrefWndUI.mel line 133: Value is out of range: 0


What could be causing this error to show up?







Problem 2


When I am lucky and finally open preferences, change OpenGl to Direct X,


When I press Save, this code appears : 


// Error: A permanent scriptJob cannot be killed.


When I press Cancel, this code appears : 


// Error: file: C:/Program Files/Autodesk/Maya2020/scripts/startup/prefsHoldCurrentState.mel line 1124: Cannot convert data of type int to type float[].


What is causing these?






Below are some things I tried :


  • reinstalling did nothing
  • changing prefs  >  prefold did not nothing 





At this point I am thinking I should be relieved to close Maya without crushing into another error code


I really want to learn and like Maya 


Please lmk if any other elaboration is needed





Thank you all in advance


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your Maya prefs are held in the user folder, and your account name is in Korean characters. usually everything beyond ASCII chars causes problems.

Maya2019.1 @ Windows10 & GeForce GTX1080Ti

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Thanks to hamsterHamster, 




Apparently Maya does not get along too well with Korean language and I am assuming neither with other languages apart from English.


This means, for example, if your OS username is written in foreign language, 


when you save your Maya file, the location directory will contain non english text 


and trigger the problems I had 



Making another user & naming it in English solved this. 



I am unsure if there is a shorter way to solve this but  :  


After copying the files to & opening from the new user, all those errors never show up





Use English and dont be like me looking for answers 30 min straight









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