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Rrender view window is out of my screen.

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Rrender view window is out of my screen.


My arnold render view window is out of my screen. I can not click and move it to a center of screen. How can I do that? 


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select your renderview window (click once in it),

then press alt+space after that you may/may-not see the system-window-menu, just hit the 'm' key for move and tap one of the cursor/arrow keys.

the window should now follow the mouse cursor until you click somewhere.


mind that this is only for a English OS.


(to find out your shortcut key in your language.. open a file explorer.. 'explorer.exe' hit alt+space and see which character is underlined for the 'move' command)



alternatively delete... not all of your preferences... Smiley LOL


in your preferences folder: 


prefs\mainWindowStates\startupMainWindowState   <-- delete this file

prefs\windowPrefs.mel <-- delete this file


(do this while maya is closed...)


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in reply to: pavelR.

Thank you!!!

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in reply to: ppdol

If you are facing the problem of Off-screen window then you can try this.

Try to press the Window+upper arrow keys.

You will also try to press the Ctrl+upper arrow keys.

If you want to know more ways in detail then you can click on below link to get more information.   


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in reply to: ppdol

Here's an odd alternative for you. 
    Drag your taskbar temporarily to the side of the monitor (vertical etc). Windows rearranges and Arnold render view pops up properly.  You can then drag the taskbar back. It seems to basically force a window reshuffle.
   On a side note: This is a real PITA.  Can we add the option on the Maya shelf: to recenter the Arnold Renderview (as Vray does) ?
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Yes, this works. My menu was hidden at the bottom of the screen, but Window + arrow keys bring the menu on screen. Just close Maya to save that state once you fix it.  Thanks!

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I had this same problem after changing the main display to another monitor - I couldn't find the arnold render window prefs but switching the main display back temporarily made the window reappear, I moved it to the other screen then switch main display back which fixed it.

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