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Problem with dolly / pan with Wacom tablet

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Problem with dolly / pan with Wacom tablet

Hi, I'm hoping someone here might be able to help me with this problem. I bought a Wacom tablet a while ago but I'm still having problems with basic movement in the viewport. The problem I'm having with it is the button combination to execute the dolly and pan movements are the same combination.

So I'm having difficulty controlling when it's panning and when it's dollying.


For example, the current button config I have is:


Wacom tablet:

Tumble - alt + click (as in tap the pen on tablet)
Dolly - alt + click / drag + middle click
Pan - alt + click / drag + middle click


I need it to be a different combo, like my mouse:


Tumble - alt + left button
Dolly - alt + left button + middle button
Pan - alt + middle button


For those that have use a wacom tablet for Maya how do you dolly and pan? Even if I could set it up like the mouse for dollying it's too difficult to have to hold down alt + middle click + right click on the pen.


Any advice would be much appreciated, I really want to be able to use this thing.

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Am I the only one on this forum that uses a Wacom tablet for Maya? Hard to believe, anyone at all?

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Hi James, I achieve all movements with holding down Alt, plus right and middle click pressing on the tablet to tumble...Pan and zoom with middle hoovering over the tablet, not much else is needed, works like a charm and pretty much for other softwares also.

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Updated this:


Hi Damaggio, thanks for you reply. I seemed to have figured it out finally. For anyone else that has this problem I've found that the combo for it is this:


Wacom properties - Pen tab / options / pen button mode 'Hover click' (default I believe)


Tumble - alt + click (pen to tablet)
Dolly - alt + middle click + drag
Pan - alt + middle click + hover


I find the pen feels more natural to use but this is going to take some time getting used to, but I was prepared for this when I bought it. Even though I've only just started using this thing I already feel it's faster for a lot of things, like moving the cursor around because the pen is so light it's like you're holding nothing at all compared to dragging a mouse to move the cursor.

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