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My maya can't use import image plane

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My maya can't use import image plane

When i use import image plane from one of my side view window, the only resuly i got is a green line in the central of screen.maya不能放图的问题.png

This problem happened in all of my different version of Maya, and no matter which type of image i used.(png and jpg type)

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Could you expain further how you import the image plane please.

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Hi @edison9499,


I would suggest the image plane process of View>Image plane. You'll then want to ensure that Image sequence is turned off (unless applicable). Finally, I'd suggest starting with Jpeg or PNG formats. You'll also want to finally make sure that the image plane is viewable. You can select Show > All in the viewport.


I hope that helps.

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Hi @edison9499 , welcome to Autodesk Community!


Just checking to see if your problem has been solved. Have you tried the above suggestion from @alec.andersenLP8AU and did you have any success? If you find it helpful, please click on the "ACCEPT SOLUTION" button in his reply so this helps other users in the community find the solution too. Thanks!

Lynn Zhang
Community Manager

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hi , i have the same problem and did all the fallowing steps, as i did all the time before , but since i upgrated from maya 2020, it not working , just a 1 D line 

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Just solved it with rename every file that had not english letters on the path to the image 

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