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Menu bar missing functions

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Menu bar missing functions

Hi All,


I recently migrated to a new mac and have had trouble with maya starting up. I have subsequently tried to uninstall it and reinstall it and it seems to work fine now except I am missing a bunch of menu functionality. My main menu bar only displays MASH, Boss, Cache and Help. Despite reseting to default settings and ticking the show common menus it still won't come up. Ctrl+M will toggle the incomplete menu on and off but won't show the full menu options, can someone please help! 


I have attached a screenshot showing the incomplete menu.


This is Maya version 2022.1 running on macOS 11.5.2



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Hello @emma.sawyer2,


thanks for your post! Did you close Maya in advance of resetting the preferences? In case Maya was not closed, the steps will have no effect, since Maya is writing the preferences to disc when shutting down. Here is more information: How to reset the Maya Preferences to Default.


Another suggestion would be to perform a clean uninstall and delete residual files. Please see the steps from this article: Perform a clean uninstall. I would suggest to delete files from the red marked locations in the screenshot:





Hope this helps!

Best regards,






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