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Maya Scene is Green and Objects are Missing

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Maya Scene is Green and Objects are Missing

Hi all, 


I'm working on a school project and I really need some technical help.  Whenever I open my Maya scene, everything is neon green.  I have a few objects I brought into the scene and those are at the origin point and not where I placed them.  Some of my objects are also missing, but I can see them in the outliner??  I'm very upset because I've worked on this project for hours and I can't continue until I get this solved.  Maya has been crashing on me as well at random times.  I get the error message "file contains unknown nodes or data."  Can someone help me please?  I can't find any answers to solve this for me.  Everything in the scene is green upon opening the fileEverything in the scene is green upon opening the fileObjects are moved to center pointObjects are moved to center point

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Hi @rclintpiano 


Thanks for posting! 🙂 That bright green color means that the connection between the object, and the applied shader (texture) has been lost. Are you using a Project Folder for this scene? Project folders help maintain those connections by using a consistent set of folders:


  • Scenes Folder: your scene files (.ma or .mb, also any additional imported files like OBJ's or FBXs)
  • Source Images: Texture files
  • Audio: Sounds
  • etc...

Whenever you want to work on your scene, set the project folder first (File > Set project), and then open your scene file. This will preserve texture connections. 


For objects moving to the center/origin, I would make sure that you delete the history on those objects (not character rigs). Select the prop objects, and select Edit > Delete by type > history. That way they wont be influenced by the previous actions applied to them (move/scale/rotate/etc).


Thanks again for being a part of our community!

Jordan Giboney
Technical Solutions Engineer | Media & Entertainment
Installation & Licensing forums | Contact product support | Autodesk AREA

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Hi @jordan.giboney 


Thank you for your help.  Unfortunately, I can not do any of the stuff you mentioned because I am getting errors such as "this file contains mental ray nodes" and that it can be changed.  Maya keeps crashing on me every few minutes and I'm really at a loss ;(((

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in reply to: rclintpiano


1. Make sure to use the exact same Maya versions with all required plug-ins for working on the same project.


2. "this file contains mental ray nodes"

This should not prevent you from doing any edits.


For further help,. please provide your scene-file.

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in reply to: mspeer

i have a scene that i worked in from my friend PC and when i open it it all characters and location are green despite of i downloaded all the textures!!! can anyone help?!

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