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maya mb file won't open

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maya mb file won't open

I have a file that I cannot open. I have tried both Maya 2018 and 2020, the issue is that I stopped working on this file over a year ago because I started a new job... so sadly I do not have any incremental saves as they were deleted a long time ago. The file Loads to 99% every time and then stops there.


Hope someone can help.

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Hello @maxjf,


you can try to open a new scene file and import the related file. In some cases, this can help.


Did you use any plugins in the old file? If so, make sure that the plugins are installed. If the file worked in the past with Maya 2018, you can also try to uninstall 2018 and install the basic (2018.0) version, if you updated 2018 to a later version meanwhile. 


Apart from these hacks, there is unfortunately not much more possible with .MB files. As you mentioned, enabling incremental saves or additionally saving .MA files can help to handle corrupted files. 


Best regards,



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