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Maya is lagging with Intel Graphics driver but works fine with no drivers at all

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Maya is lagging with Intel Graphics driver but works fine with no drivers at all


Thing is I've been using maya on my schools computer which has kind a crappy Intel HD Graphic 3000, 4GB ram and some kind of Intel Celeron processor. Surprisingly I got no lag with maya 2010 on that machine.

It is last year now I'm studying in this school and we have to do some king of final project during like 6 months. Considering the fact that the thing I'm studying now is Media and the program includes Film making lessons and simillar things, I decided that I have plenty of time to work on short movie with some vfx, 3D graphics etc., but the problem is that maya conflicts with graphic drivers on my personal computer. And I don't really like to work on my schools computer.

It doesn't matter if I'm trying to use maya 2010 or maya 2014, the problem is exactly the same. Everything works fine until i go to component mode. Like if I trying to select faces or edges I'm getting 2-5 seconds delay until face/edge is highlighted. No matter what I do, the problem persists. And the thing is that my personal computer is way better than schools. Mine has 6GB of ram, Intel Core i5 @2.30ghz and Intel HD Graphic 4400 which is better than 3000 of course. So what is the problem?

After reading tons of forums I came up with an idea. I red that those users who had the same problem in one or other way (no matter if they had ATI or Nvidia graphic) they solved it by updating graphic drivers. The funny thing is that my computer already has latest drivers for it's HD 4400. So my idea was to uninstall drivers and see what happens.

Before I uninstall driver, under "Display Adapters" in Device Manager, the Display Adapter was shown as "Intel(R) HD Graphic Family". When I uninstall them it shows "Microsoft Default Display Adapter" or something like that instead of "Intel(R) HD Graphic Family". And guess what happens. I've launched maya, when I tried to navigate in view port it was a bit laggy, which wasn't strange considering that drivers were uninstalled, but when I switched to component mode ant tried to select some faces, it worked without any lag. I mean directly, there was no delay. So I was glad that I found the problem, I knew that it was definitely drivers related problem and I re-installed drivers again. I mean no one want to use computer without drivers. So unfortunately, when I started up the same scene in maya and tried to switch to component mode to select some of the faces and see if problem persists, when drivers were installed again, it did. I've got same 2-5s lag until faces/edges was highlighted after I've hovering mouse cursor above those.

Any idea what should I try next? I mean, now when the problem is clear it is only to find a proper solution. Considering the fact that I'm already on latest drivers, what are other options? I have no idea right now what I should do next. Is there some things that maya could skip when it's loading or something like that?

Any kind of help would be grateful.

Regards, Ausrius.

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Saying the HD 4000 graphics are better than the HD 3000 is like saying a horse drawn cart is better than a mule drawn cart.  Better, but not by as much as you might think.


Two major things for better performance with visualization software.  First is more RAM.  6 GB is fine for the receptionist but for technical programs you should have much, much more.  12 - 16 GB is the norm.  RAM is dirt cheap these days, just be sure you get the right type for your motherboard.  Second major fix is get a dedicated video card.  Again, the HD graphics are fine for watching movies and internet surfing but for technical software you'll need (not want) dedicated video hardware.  Have a poke around, there's been plent of suggestions, plus many also have their hardware specs in their signature.

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Yeah. I see where you going. But my point is that there's some kind of problem with drivers/software or maya itself. I mean if it works fine on my schools computer then why won't in on my personal computer. I mean besides Intel HD graphics it has the way better processor and more ram. I would buy a better machine if I could, but considering the fact that I'm student right now and there's more important things to thing of than buy a new computer. And there's no way to upgrade my laptop with nvidia graphics or something like that. Yeah, I can work on my schools computer, but I prefer my own which in one way or another is better than the one I get from school.


So the point of this thread was to at least try to solve this problem without having to buy a new computer. I would and I will buy a new one. But for now I have to find a solution for using maya on my own computer or I have to stick with schools computer.


And here's another thing I found out. Under "GPU Cache" in preferences menu ir says "GPU memory in MB: 32". If I uninstall Intel HD Graphic dirvers and opening maya while graphic driver is shown as "Microsoft Basic Display Adapter", "Manufacturer" and "Model" fields becoms blank/empty under GPU Cache, but then GPU memory in MB is 1024.


What that means is that maya aren't using shared video memory. So now I want to know is there any way to force maya to use shared video memory. I mean people say that Intel HD graphich isn't for gaming either. Well thats true on my opinion. But it still handles games like GTA IV or NFS Most Wanted 2012. Ofcourse GTA IV wan't working on my pc in the beginning. Because under graphic settings it said that my video card had only 32MB memory on it. Well that's true. But game wasn't using shared video memory and all I had to do is to add one line of code in a commandline.txt which was like instruction to gta iv how much of shared video memory it should use. So I made it up to about 500MB and game was working fine. Even with a medium graphic settings. So if it handles games like gta iv what is kind a big deal for intel hd graphics then why not maya then?

So I hope there's way for maya to use shared video memory.

Anyway, thanks for reply.


Regards, Ausrius.

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Did you solve the problem? I 'm facing similare problem with Intel(R) HD Gtaphics 530.. maya keeps freezing

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Oh, hi there. It was long time ago. Unfortunately problem persisted. And there's really no way around it. Intel graphics is just not suitable for that kind of stuff. Mine had 32MB dedicated memory so that was the problem and why it was lagging. Now I'm having another laptop with AMD graphics with 1GB dedicated memory, 12GB ram and some crappy AMD processor. Maya works without a problem, but render time is freaking long. So the solution for you would be to buy a new computer. I know it's not gonna happen fast, but when you do buy a new computer, consider buying normal desktop, because you could upgrade it later and take intel components. AMD looks cheap and powerful but there's not that much to it. The laptop I have has AMD and of course while it handles simple work in maya kind of well it has a lot of problems, crashing more often than intel etc. Of course you could buy a cheap laptop with amd components, but again, it would suit only for personal use and if you were to go and work on bigger productions you would have a lot of problems with that kind of hardware.
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ooh thanks for updated information..! That's sad but good at least I know what is causing...!

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Can someone help me I get this problem when opening Maya 2019


Initialized VP2.0 renderer {
Version : 2016.11.44.12. Feature Level 5.
Adapter : Intel(R) UHD Graphics
Vendor ID: 32902. Device ID : 35414
Driver : C:\WINDOWS\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\iigd_dch.inf_amd64_7b349056b76317ca\igdumdim64.dll,C:\WINDOWS\System32\DriverSto:
API : DirectX V.11.
Max texture size : 16384 * 16384.
Max tex coords : 32
Shader versions supported (Vertex: 5, Geometry: 5, Pixel 5).
Active stereo support available : 0
GPU Memory Limit : 1024 MB.
CPU Memory Limit: 3670.02 MB.
OpenCL evaluator is attempting to initialize OpenCL.
Detected 1 OpenCL Platforms:
0: Intel(R) Corporation. Intel(R) OpenCL HD Graphics. OpenCL 2.1 .
OpenCL evaluator failed to find OpenCL device with vendor Intel(R) Corporation.

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did you at least read this entire thread?

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