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Maya Indie, features, version and process

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Maya Indie, features, version and process

Hi, I'm interested in the Maya indie version, but I'm confused about a couple of things I couldn't find solutions for, here. Probably for a language issue, I guess. 

If I go to the buy page of my country, I can only read ''Maya''.. no features, no year.. nothing. And in the Autodesk products list there are only Maya and Maya LT.

Since the Indie version is not the Lt one, here's my question: Maya Indie is based on which version of Maya? 2020? The last one? What interface should I expect? Is a 'standalone' software or just a license you apply on Maya 2019, Maya 2020 and so on? 

Thank you for your answers


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in reply to: Vleone87

the indie license version is just a cheaper version of Full Maya they both have the same features

its probably 2022 since this is the latest version

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in reply to: Vleone87

Yes I think it is fair to say there is some confusion, and it is a moving target so Google and read something from a couple of years ago and the confusion can easily ramp up. My understanding:


There are 2 programs: Maya, and Maya LT. Maya has 3 licensing models: Full, Indie and Student. Maya LT just has one licensing model.


Maya Student is zero cost to the student, but nowadays you need to prove you really are a student at a qualifying teaching organisation to get the licence. In the past anyone could claim to be a student and get the license.

Maya Indie, as a licensing model, is only available in some countries (the list grows) and there are revenue and business model restrictions. Broadly these prevent very large studios exploiting the cheap license, but allow for (almost all) individual artists, and those who do it just for fun to get the full functionality at a bargain price. Trust me if you exceed the revenue limits you can afford to pay full price!
Full, as a licensing model, is designed for companies who have many licenses.
You run the same program regardless of if you are Student, Indie or Full. It is essentially a trust model if you are in a country that has Indie you self declare yourself eligible and buy that license. Cheat and Autodesk may, or may not, find you out.
Maya LT is a different program with well publicised limitations (no rendering, export limits etc). But there are no revenue or business mode limitations. For a segment of the market - large companies who have many Maya seats and can work with the limitation - they will buy Maya LT.
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in reply to: xxmarkc

Thank yoy for your answer, @xxmarkc 


@xxmarkc wrote:


Trust me if you exceed the revenue limits you can afford to pay full price!

No doubt of it 😂


@xxmarkc wrote:
You run the same program regardless of if you are Student, Indie or Full.

ok, so I guess we can say that Indie is not related to the version, but to the license model. So, let's say I install Maya 2017 as a try, I can buy an Indie license and run Maya 2017, as Indie, right? 

My confusion is due to the fact that if you buy the regular license of Maya, you can see the version you're buying, while the Indie is 'just' Maya. So I may think that once you buy the Indie from the specific page, then you'll have also to download a version of Maya as a separate step.

You see, in my country is more expensive than Usa so I need to be sure... 

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in reply to: Vleone87

Downloads can be run as a trial for 30 days then will need to be activated. It is likely that only the more recent versions of Maya will activate with an Indie license (the license I think is more tied to you rather than it being a serial number like thing). You are buying a subscription to run Maya latest version or some past versions. You are not buying say Maya 2020, that is the old perpetual model to my thinking.


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in reply to: Vleone87

Hi there,


I am planning on getting Maya Indie and was wondering if there are any limitations regarding usage of rigs, adding third party plugins, etc.?? 



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in reply to: mppreethi.n

Hi all,


Maya Indie is a normal version of Maya at a lower price point if you meet certain requirements. Please see this FAQ page for more information about Maya Indie. 

As to your specific question @mppreethi.n , the FAQ does not list any limitations around rig usage, but what exactly do you mean? Are you asking what the limitations on how a rig or plugin that was created using Maya Indie can be used after its creation? Or are you asking if 3rd party plugins or rigs work WITH Maya Indie?

Hope to clarify your questions, but am marking this post as solved as well for the general thread topic and SEO purposes 😄 

Warm regards, 


Hagen Deloss
Community Manager | Media & Entertainment
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I meant to ask if 3rd party plugins or rigs work WITH Maya Indie work just as they would in Maya otherwise?

Sorry wasn't to clear previously 😛 

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