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Maya is a broken piece of garbage!

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Maya is a broken piece of garbage!

I've been using Maya for years, mainly for game development (hobbyist). 

I must say, these new Maya releases (2018 and later) are a piece of garbage.

It breaks constantly, the camera loses my settings all the time, switching between views, my 3D Connexion drivers are not working properly anymore. Also, what is wrong with you guys not able to save the grid settings with the project itself?

Every time I open a new project, my grid is wrong. Among other annoying things.

I am so disappointed with this software. Looks like Autodesk doesn't care at all about user experience, they keep building up new broken features on top of an ancient code base and things get worse each new release.

I cancelled my subscription recently, because honestly, this software became a problem in my workflow.

What a shame, Autodesk.


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Sorry to hear that its not working for you.


That doesnt happen here.

Could you post some more specific problems that we can reproduce them.



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"Also, what is wrong with you guys not able to save the grid settings with the project itself?"

I doubt this is not possible. It's just a global setting for now.

Please add this idea here:

Help -> Speak Back -> Ideas for Maya

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I don't think Houdini considers users. Every time you upgrade your software, you must learn again. Maya2019.2 launched Bifrost. I feel good. It will be a powerful competitive tool for Houdini in the future.

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I use to like using maya but not it feels like a necessary evil in the creative industry I have switched over to blender for all thing modeling rendering but have to deal with maya for vfx. just trying to get this junk up and running at times and the system lags and it hanging just closing reminds me every time why I hate this product.

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Yes, it is close to unusable at this point. They aren't able to fix shift+extrude bug for 10 years straight. They know about it, but just can't make it work and then add new broken features on top of older broken features and it is becoming a complete mess. This new smart extrude they added also messes up everything and does some weird stuff from the get go and they probably won't fix it another 20 years. They just added it for a check mark - " Now Maya also has it like 3Ds max".  Well, in 3ds max you can actually USE IT ! It's like this program ended up in the hands of complete newbies, who don't know how to make it work. This is terrible ! You see some new fancy feature in their video ? Forget about it, Cause it's probably buggy to a degree that it's unusable. This program is not good for modeling, it is broken, period ! 

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Ranting wont help to fix stuff.

Report the bugs over and over with repro files.

Some bugs get more attention cause they get reported a lot.


Stay positive.

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I myself reported these extrusion bugs at least 5 times since 2018 ! And what is the result ? Zero. In the end they told me that they knew about it, but shift+extrude isn't even a good method, adviced me against using it instead of fixing it lol. That's the attitude of Maya team. Now they've added smart extrusion on top of already broken tool and it, of course, is also broken. How many more times should we report the same bug to convince them do their job ? We have other things to do in life, they just don't care and it's a shame this great program ended up this way. I just switched to 3ds max and this solved all my modeling problems. 

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