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Maya empty scene but still showing same file size. Please help

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Maya empty scene but still showing same file size. Please help

  • Hey so i had some weird issues with cameras not focusing on objects so I restarted the scene in hopes that it would fix itself but instead the scene opens up empty and with nothing in the outliner, but the scene still has the same file size? I had not saved any backup and i fear that a lot of time animating has just been for nothing... I used a couple of references if that could have anything to do with it?


    I'm using maya 2018.

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There are a couple of things you can try.


First off open your scene with the script editor open and see if you are getting any errors or warnings. This would help track down the issue.


Next, if no errors are popping up, you can open your file in a script editor (only if you've been saving it as an MA file). Once open comment out either 1 or all your references.


Usually, Maya not loading a scene and not throwing errors is a pretty bad thing. I don't know of any other easy solutions to this, you should brace yourself for the real possibility you'll need to start again.

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when I open the file in script editor, no errors or warnings showing. thanks for your time I will wait for others maybe there is an solution.


there is also one thing I have enabled autosave and its autosave three files, but same problem is coming in those three files also

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