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Can you export MixShader Materials with an FBX file from Maya?

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Can you export MixShader Materials with an FBX file from Maya?

Hi, i'm looking into exporting my textured model from maya into unreal and when exporting i get an error telling me i can't export mix shader files. Is there a work around this? Would appreciate any help thanks.

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in reply to: Y.THOMAS5BST2

So in short, the answer is no. The aiMixShader is an Arnold specific node and would not run in any program you sent it to unless Arnold was running there too.


In order for FBX to support a wild array of programs, they need to limit what nodes are accepted to only ones that can be easily converted in the end program. For this reason, you will find that the vast majority of Maya nodes will not export correctly with FBX.


The answer to how to do this workflow correctly is just building the materials in Unreal. This is not the only answer, but it is the best approach especially since Unreal is a real-time game engine and you want to use nodes and workflows that are fully compatible with it. Good luck!

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Ahhh dammit haha, appreciate the explanation. I'll look into textures within unreal engine then. 


Thanks for clearing that up 🙂

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