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Maya & Apple silicon

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Maya & Apple silicon

Apple announces Mac transition to Apple silicon.


Does Maya support Apple Silicone?
And, Can I ask about it on this forum?

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Hi @hiroakiendoh,


It's a bit early for theorizing! Autodesk has supported previous iterations of Mac and we continue to update Mac versions to improve compatibility. Only time will tell what landscape Silicon provides and how all companies will react/adapt to it!

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Any Updates on this matter? Does Maya work fluently with Appel's M1?

Are there any problems that Maya users should be aware of?


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Repeating what the previous user said, is there any updates on this matter?? Some kind or roadmap would be greatly appreciated.

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in reply to: hiroakiendoh


Currently, I know that the information released by Autodesk is as follows:


  1. System Requirements for Autodesk Maya 2022 | Maya | Autodesk Knowledge Network
  2. Using Autodesk software on Apple M1-based systems

But I'm looking forward to future updates by Autodesk and Maya.
And, since M1 Pro and M1 Max are out, I expect more support.

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There is no support for either Maya or Arnold native on Apple Silicon over a year after it was first released.
I will shortly have to make decisions about the renderers we use in my University and at the moment Arnold takes a real performance hit from emulation. As for Maya, we will have to discuss whether this is the way forward given the support other software is giving to Apple silicon. At the moment, both Arnold and Maya are hobbled in possible performance due to having to run under Rosetta. Please do something Autodesk.

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This from Autodesk was over a year ago with no sign of any developments. I urge Autodesk to treat this with the respect and urgency their Apple Silcon users deserve;
"Apple recently announced the M1 chip, the first in-house chip designed specifically for Mac (November 2020). New macOS systems with the M1-chip are designed to work with macOS Big Sur 11.0 operating system.

Currently, we're working closely with Apple to optimize Autodesk software to work with Apple silicon. While this is happening, your Autodesk software may run with Apple's Rosetta 2 technology on an M1-based system, but some Autodesk macOS software may only run on Intel-based hardware. See the product-specific links below for more information about your Autodesk product."

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Is it still too early for theorizing, @alec.andersenLP8AU ? It's kind of all Autodesk has left for Apple's M1 users to do in regards to Maya. Is Autodesk still reacting or is there any news for adapting? I know this is silly to be shouting from this corner of the periphery, but I get the feeling M1 users have, by now, thrown up their hands in frustration and have resigned to expect nothing from Autodesk. Well done on delivering on that. But I am replying as a tiny fist in the air that customers are actually still anticipating a non-Rosetta version of Maya and Arnold for 
Apple Silicon. Maya and Arnold are much-loved products. Having transitioned to Blender, it's made me miss Maya greatly as my primary tool for 3d work and look forward to Apple' platform to be taken as seriously as your competitors take it.

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in reply to: bobtilton

See this post by Stephen Blair regarding Apple Silicon:

...we cannot disclose specific release dates or promise features in a specific yet-to-be-announced release.

As I've wrote elsewhere, we are working on M1 support and do have beta builds. We will support M1.

Brent McPherson
Principle Engineer
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in reply to: brentmc

Thank you @brentmc – appreciate the reply. Stephen is with Arnold, which is great to hear from re: Apple silicon, especially the existence of beta. Assuming this is both for Maya & Arnold. Is there any movement that you know of (that's been disclosed) with GPU support for metal in Arnold?

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in reply to: bobtilton

I am not on the Arnold team so I don't know. Sorry.

Brent McPherson
Principle Engineer
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in reply to: hiroakiendoh

@brentmc That's fine, thanks all the same. You're not in the marketing department either, but unfortunately you've been put in the position of customer retention in regards to fielding questions regarding a small, but still relevant user base. I'm confident that Maya is losing Mac users, past and future, because of a total, not even minimal, lack of communication in regards to this problem.

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