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Maya 7 software

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Maya 7 software

Hi,I have some brand new Maya 7 and Maya 7.0.1 software boxed and wrapped.I really want to learn this but as they are quite old 2010 are they still good as im a complete novice and there's a few I was wondering what they are worth ,many thanks,nige.

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in reply to: nigeanthedogs


Without a valid license it's worth nothing.

Even with a license it very likely will not run on modern systems and it will be hard to find a project that justifies the usage of this old software.

Currently i can think only of 2 cases:

1. There is an old project, that does only open in this Maya version.

2. You need some modeling work done and the modeller is only familiar with older Maya versions.


If you want to do something based on current tech, you need an actual 3d software version.

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in reply to: nigeanthedogs

Also Autodesk has stopped activations for 2010 & older even if you install it you will not be able to activate it even if you have serial number

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in reply to: DarrenP

Just grab Blender and learn the basics. Its free.

Its no problem to jump later onto Maya if needed.

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in reply to: nigeanthedogs

I also have a version of maya 7 that i purchased back in 2005 that I need to reinstall and relicense. Would be great to use what i paid for.

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in reply to: kingroaw

read entire thread again

this was explained already 

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in reply to: Anonymous

I do not understand how exactly your suggestion to re-read the thread helps me license my Maya 7 that I purchased for a few grand in 2005. Maybe you could narrow it down for me?

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in reply to: kingroaw

I'm gonna narrow it down for you, you are an idiot!

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in reply to: damaggio

Why be such a jerk?  It may be something as simple as contacting Autodesk and getting it activated manually. It was expensive software.  I have had situations with ElectricImage and FileMaker where I needed to use an older version for a specific project that would be ridiculous to recreate. I called and got it taken care of. 


If you don't agree with the posters needs, move on. No need for that. 

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in reply to: Parmenides

Thank you for the support. I guess that's what a rank 10 advisor and a rank 11 mentor's advice is worth these days. Spend a couple thousand on software, come to the forums for help,get told i am an idiot by a "mentor".  I've contacted support but haven't heard back yet. I'd like not to have to learn a new UI like blender. I'm old and like Maya cause that's what i've been using for the last 16 years now.

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in reply to: kingroaw



The answers in this thread are very clear and I am not sure if it can be explained clearer, still I try it.


1. "Autodesk has stopped activations for 2010 & older even if you install it you will not be able to activate it"

- Maya 7 is older, so you can't activate Maya 7 anymore. (Basically this is the only important information you need.)


2. Maya 7 is not supported on modern systems (OS and hardware).

Very likely it will not run on the system where you want to use it. (Do you have a very old computer with Windows XP and a supported GPU and driver?)


3. Even if you could install and activate Maya 7 on a modern system, what do you want to do with this Maya version?

The used technology is outdated and you can't make use of modern hardware like System RAM > 4GB (Maya 7 is 32-bit software).

So you can't use this Maya version for any commercial production as you will not be able to create the data required nowadays. (Maybe you could create some "low poly" models and export them as OBJ or something similar.)


My recommendation, check if you are eligible for a Maya Indie license and get a new Maya subscription, even if you are using it as hobbyist.

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in reply to: mspeer

1. Autodesk says to use the license, it should "work". But this is copy pasted because I know I need a new FlexLM to match the hardware it was paired to originally.


2. Maya 7 works 95% just fine in Windows 10. There are a few graphic driver glitches in the UI that happens when using the spacebar menu, other than a very small driver issue with newer nvidia cards, it works.


3. Maya 7 work fine with the polycount I use, about 150k.


You seem to know little to nothing about my situation or needs and very quick to turn me off of the software that has been working for me just fine for the last 16 years. Why? I'm just looking for some help that isn't copy pasted, which I hope to get soon from support. I don't understand why everyone is so quick to dismiss the software I bought for about $2500 iirc. You'd think I could get a tiny bit of understanding.



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in reply to: kingroaw



"You seem to know little to nothing about my situation or needs".

- Then please next time provide more information, we can only answer based on what you tell.


"I don't understand why everyone is so quick to dismiss the software"

- Because we know the software and know what problems can (and will) arise with this nowadays.

Trying to keep an outdated software working is nothing new and I also have experience with this, but in most cases it's not worth the effort, especially if there are other solutions.

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in reply to: mspeer

thank you for your helpful attitude towards my concerns. I'd just prefer a solution that takes into account my purchase of the software and to help generate a new license for my new/ different pc, rather than the one that just died on me... which had windows 10 on it. I'd rather hear the issues from support... which the copy pasted answer clearly does not share your issues or concerns and says everything will be just fine if I use the same license (which is not true).

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in reply to: kingroaw



Here in the forum we can only provide the "official" information that was provided by Autodesk, which is that older product versions (2010 and older) can no longer be activated. You can still use older product versions as long as they are activated, but you can't activate them on a new device.

Everything else you can discuss with Autodesk,if you want, but this is the only information we can give here in the forum.

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in reply to: mspeer

Ah, thank you. This is the real answer that makes complete sense. No opinions, no conjecture, just the fact of "this is the only information we can give here in the forum". A much better experience than being called an idiot by mentors, thank you.

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in reply to: nigeanthedogs

Ok, I went ahead and bought an external disk drive, popped in the disk, worked some black magic and now have Maya 7.0 working on my windows 10 with a geforce rtx2070. Imported a zbrush obj just for a quick test. Everything seems fine. I don't understand all the fuss and why I couldn't just get a little help. If I can do it ANYONE can.


Even mental ray works


All of my previous issues with the popout shortcut spacebar menu are gone. This version was always nice and fast for me in the past, I am SOOOOOOOO happy to have it back. It's simple and small and exactly what I need... which is why i bought it in the first place.

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in reply to: mspeer

it's fast(er) compared to newer versions, really glad to have it working on a new system. So snappy. Loads in 3ish seconds, uv editor/mental ray/ just about everything feels better than the last version I tried (2019 maybe?). It might be 32bit but that doesn't seem to matter in the slightest.



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in reply to: nigeanthedogs

Also, a lot of my tasks for making stuff is just simple and repetitive, like when I use Maya as my bridge between Zbrush and Poser. In this case I'm just using it to cut up my model and do internal obj naming, material zones, uv map editing... you know, basics.

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