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Maya 2022 : Color Management error message

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Maya 2022 : Color Management error message

Hi everyone,


I have twice the same error message about color management when I load a scene. It occures at least right after launching Maya 2022.

Color Management is desactivated (when CM is activated, no error message pops up).
I've tried to force Floating point render target on at startup, but it doesn't change anything.

Not a big deal but quite annoying (especially when the dialog box is hidden under other windows and you just wait because the loading is frozen until you click "ok")

I never had this issue on previous releases of Maya.


Windows 10

Maya 2022

Color Management desactivated, settings are saved in a xml file in maya/2022/prefs/


Thanks a lot for your help

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in reply to: jerome.pourcel

Hi Jérôme,


Thanks for reporting the problem.


In order to investigate the problem, could you provide us with some extra information:

  • Start Maya from a console, and make copy & paste of all the messages from the console.
  • Attached your scene (or a stripped version if confidentially is involved) so we can test it here.


For short-term, you can disable the error dialog box by setting MAYA_CM_DISABLE_ERROR_POPUPS in the console. Or you can also revert to the synColor mode if the problem is blocking you by setting MAYA_COLOR_MANAGEMENT_SYNCOLOR in the console.


BTW there is another thread about a similar problem which could provide more information:



Hoping it will help you,


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