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Maya 2020 Xgen Opencl error

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Maya 2020 Xgen Opencl error

Hi, when I open Maya 2020 and try to use Xgen the script editor tells me "// Warning: XGen(Tip): OpenCL is disabled. See output window for more details." 

The output window tells me:

"Initialized VP2.0 renderer {
Version : 2016.11.53.12. Feature Level 5.
Adapter : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti with Max-Q Design
Vendor ID: 4318. Device ID : 8593
Driver : C:\WINDOWS\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\iigd_dch.inf_amd64_3abed7b83f378c61\igdumdim64.dll,C:\WINDOWS\System32\DriverSto:
API : DirectX V.11.
Max texture size : 16384 * 16384.
Max tex coords : 32
Shader versions supported (Vertex: 5, Geometry: 5, Pixel 5).
Active stereo support available : 0
GPU Memory Limit : 6144 MB.
CPU Memory Limit: 30949.2 MB.
OpenCL evaluator is attempting to initialize OpenCL.
Detected 2 OpenCL Platforms:
0: Intel(R) Corporation. Intel(R) OpenCL HD Graphics. OpenCL 3.0 .
OpenCL evaluator failed to find OpenCL device with vendor NVIDIA Corporation.
00:00:00 1074MB WARNING | [mtoa] [<built-in>] [node aov_write_vector] Assigning temporary node id 1138176 to associated Maya type name aiAovWriteVector."


Hardware specifications: I have a Nvidia geforce gtx 1660 ti and all the drivers are updated. I do not know why this error keeps appearing. Help!


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