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Maya 2020 (Mac) CMD+RMB Doesn't Zoom

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Maya 2020 (Mac) CMD+RMB Doesn't Zoom

Having just migrated from Maya 2014 to Maya 2020 the most noticeable difference in navigation was CMD+RMB (Zoom) being wiped or overwritten but still working properly for CMD+MMB and LMB (Pan and Rotate).


Is there any possible way for me to restore CMD+RMB to being Zoom as was in previous versions of Maya?


Thanks in advance



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I believe the default for zoom is option-RMB. Unless you changed it in the Hotkey editor. 

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Hi @aaronCXE5M 


Thanks for posting! @Parmenides is correct, holding Option and the middle mouse button should perform the zoom function for Maya on MacOS 🙂 


To edit/customize Hotkeys, check out the Hotkey Editor.


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Thanks again for being a part of our community!

Jordan Giboney
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in reply to: aaronCXE5M

Thank you both for replying!


Yes, I was aware of this. In previous versions of Maya CMD (and Option) could both be used as navigation buttons. Keeping it as Option only is equivalent to the comfort of it being the Windows button on PC instead of Alt. It's mainly an ergonomic preference. It also seems navigation controls are not permitted to be changed (even within the Hotkey editor that I know of), especially those related to the Mouse buttons so I'd be unable to have what I'm asking.


I was hoping there was something I'm missing or a way to resolve this that I was unaware of within the Maya interface.

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in reply to: jordan.giboney

I cannot seem to find a way to make the RMB and Command zoom in and out, as the original poster said, but you mentioned there is a way to do that in the hot key editor.  Can you elaborate on that?  I cannot seem to find a way to change any navigation functions inside the hotkey editor.


thanks a million, this is driving me crazy, back and forth on the option and command after 12 years or more of doing it a different way.. hell, I might just go to blender at this point.. 

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