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Maya 2020 exe file missing

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Maya 2020 exe file missing

Hello everyone,

Earlier today i faced issue with Maya and Arnold. Arnold renderer didn't want to launch with any new Maya project (it was working when opening old files), so i decided to follow guide on Autodesk website and install Arnold once again with new update however another problem occured - installation ereased Maya's exe file. Basically it was not there anymore and after several clear installation attempts  - whether through website or desktop launcher - nothing has changed and i cannot seem to open maya.

I looked up at the anti virus but nothing there either so i'm quite out of ideas what can i  do. I appreciate any help, i have a deadline for my project due to end of this month so while i felt confident now it's a question mark.

Best regards

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I have the same problem

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I have the kinda same problem but some with some chages... I uninstalled my MAYA 2018 and try to install MAYA 2020, but there was no installation folder for MAYA or no directory of MAYA on my computer. all the other components are installed like bifost or Arnold. I clean uninstalled and reinstalled the program multiple times but no improvement.

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