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Mash scatter, inconsistent placement problem

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Mash scatter, inconsistent placement problem

Hi, Have been having this issue consistently for about 3 years so it is time I try to solve it. I use Mash a lot to scatter stuff (trees, grass etc) on surfaces. I use Vray proxies for this and it generally works well. This is almost always for animations.


When I render locally, all is good. When I render on the farm (Conductor) all is good. However, the results are different from each. The trees in the local render are as they appear in the viewport, but the trees in the farmed animation are in different places. This means that I always have to trust to luck when rendering remotely, hoping there isn't a tree directly in front of the camera. It's a lottery.


The seed doesn't change so why does the scatter placement change. Should I be baking the Mash points somehow. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance

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in reply to: richard

Have you tried to bake everything to a vrayscene before rendering?


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