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Lost Xgen guides/project after crash. Help needed

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Lost Xgen guides/project after crash. Help needed



Maya (2018.6) crashed whilst I was working with xgen (I had saved a minute before the crash).  When I reopened Maya and opened the file I saved before the crash, my xgen guides and the Xgen UI description disappeared.  I have the description guides in the outliner but everything else isn't there and I can't see the guides in the viewport (see pic).  Any help??


I've tried reloading the plugin and saving the file without the xgen UI open from advice in another thread. My project was also set properly with no spacing in the file names and I've tried to reset it again, but nothing seemed to work to get my project back even though I know its there.  When I reopened Maya after the crash I should've just picked the automatic save file upon crash that Maya generates but I didn't and its not located in the temp file sadly.  Any help on this??



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ran into the same problem right now and looking for a fix!!!!

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Found any solution yet?
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the same. it ruined my last hour of work. i can find the maps in the folder, but the guidelines and descriptions are all missing

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