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Lambert1 is overriding materials

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Lambert1 is overriding materials

hey so im very new to maya but i am creating a project for a class assessment. im making an environment and i have given each object its own material, however some of the objects have both the material i assigned to it and also lambert 1 on it. As a result of this when i import my environment to substance painter whenever i try to put a material on an object in painter it covers a bunch of different objects that i dont want it to. when i look in painters texture list some of the objects i have given materials to dont appear and instead are replaced by lambert 1 so i cant texture some objects without also painting like 6 different things. I have read a bunch of forums and nothing has worked or its too advanced for me to understand. (use default material is not checked in maya)

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Make sure you dont assign materials to faces. And delete the history before assigning the new material. Use only lambert shaders. 

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Update: i figured out that by using OBJ files instead of fbx files to move my project to different softwares it pretty much fixed it. 

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