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Is connecting Out Alpha to Transparency considered wrong in Maya ??

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Is connecting Out Alpha to Transparency considered wrong in Maya ??



I faced it many times in Maya were connecting OutAlpha on a node to Transparency input on another node causes Maya to crash. I wonder if it's something that shouldn't be done??? is it that Maya is designed such that connecting OutAlpha to Transparency  crashes Maya to prevent doing this??? or is it that i stumbled on a bug which severely affects Maya's hypergraph??


so the question: Is this a bug? or is it that I'm using Maya incorrectly???


I'm using Maya 2020.1

here is a simple example:

1- create a plane and asign a material to it (lambert)
2- assign a simplex noise as projection to the materials color
3- connect OutAlpha from simplexNoise to all 3 components of transparency on projection node
4- insert a ColorMath node between the projection node and lambert node
5- connect OutAlpha on projection node to AlphaB on colorMath
6- connect OutColor on projection node to ColorB on colorMath
7- connection OutAlpha on colorMath to Transparency on lambert node

Maya will crash.

use the attached sample file. just connect OutAlpha on colorMath to Transparency on lambert node to crash maya


In the past week I reported several bugs where maya crashes when connecting OutAlpha. If I'm not doing anything wrong then this is a major problem.
IMPORTANT: this is just one way of reproducing this problem, i already reported a similar problem with the File node and the colorMix node.
sometimes Maya generates 3 errors before closing. One of the error messages indicates the existence of an unknown node which might mean that maya corrupted it's own memory!! it is very dangerous if someone can exploit this bug to hack Maya users



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in reply to: HmshDev

doing tests wasting several hours i found a temporary solution which reduces the number of crashes when working with the hypergraph which is setting the option: Material Loading Mode to (Deferred)

the downside is that the hypergraph will become sometimes as slow as a turtle with back injury but it's better than.....


another note: sometimes if you save a scene which causes maya to crash and then reopen it, maya won't crash. which brings us back again to the fact that the bug i stumbled upon is caused by Maya corrupting the data or code in it's memory space.


i hope this helps someone save time and effort and of course some hair.



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