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Inserting image to replace all textures

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Inserting image to replace all textures

I'm an intern at a design firm where I am the only person that knows how to use Maya 3d. For the past 2 months I've been working on a pretty complex project.

The firm that I work for created a cut-out cardboard building. Using about 80 different flat shapes to build up a building. They asked me to create this building in 3D so it could be used for a tutorial on how to build it and advertisement renders. I went ahead and created every single piece and gave every piece a texture, I got these textures from the same file they sent to the printer. This would print an A3 with multiple pieces on them that you can push out of the cardboard and then you would have your pieces to put together.


Now they asked me if it were possible for them that after my internship is over they could insert this file with changes to the artwork and get a render with the new textures. Now I can set up a lot to help them get on their way to making this render, but I have no clue if its even possible to replace multiple textures by inserting one image. And if they have to replace 80 files and make sure it lines up with the UV, I think that wont go well. If anyone knows if this is possible or has a better idea please let me know!




PS. This project is still in development and I'm not allowed to share details so I'm unable to provide photo's, I hope my description was clear enough, if not I'm happy to anwser any questions.

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The file path editor is what you are looking for. This window basically allows you to remap files. If you have 100 image nodes, you can batch switch these to new paths or new textures. I can't say how well this will work for what you need as I have no idea how you have set this all up. The new textures would have to match the old ones pretty exactly.


Have them rehire you as a freelancer to do this! Hope this helps.

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I just looked into it, and I believe this will work.

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