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How do I customize the hotkey for the "create" menu?

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How do I customize the hotkey for the "create" menu?

Hello, I am new to Maya and am coming over from Blender. 

In blender, what you want to create something (meshes, curves, etc.) you press shift+A. This brings up the selection menu for things you want to make. Is there a way to set the hot keys in Maya so that the create menu will display when I press shift+A?


Heres a screenshot of the hot key editor, I can edit things underneath the menu but I cant figure out how to edit how hot keys for bringing up the "create" menu.




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Dont do that. Learn mayas marking menues.


I give the same advice the other way around. First learn Blender the way the devs designed it.

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I'm not trying to turn maya into blender, I'm just trying to make it easier/quicker to access the create menu. Is there a qay to change the hotkey so that it is easier to access?

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 this is a menu from a tutorial I am watching, how do I pull it up? This is exactly what in talking about

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Here is a good overview about the marking menues.

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Hi! @bpeterandall 
Unfortunately, you can't register the entire Create menu in Maya's HotKey editor. one type for NURBS, one type for lights, and one type for everything else. One type for polygons, one type for lights, and one type for everything else.
Therefore, the most commonly used methods are as follows Bring up a window. Use a shelf. Use marking menus.

I will show you the picture.

image.pngimage.pngimage.pngwhat I madewhat I made

I have the impression that many professionals and fast workers customize marking menus and register them as shortcut keys.
Wizix is a representative of this group. And me lol.

By default, you can use Shift+RMB to bring up the marking menu, although it is only for polygons.
Let me show you the marking menu I created. They are all influenced by Blender. You can use them if you want.
They are created in mel, so just put them in a folder. shut down Maya and restart Maya.



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Hi, If you need to continuously use the features in "Create", you can tear off the menu, if not continuously use, marking menu is very convenient. As far as I know, Maya doesn't provide any user-specific commands to tear off menus, so displaying menus using hotkeys is difficult. In fact, holding down the Shift key and right-clicking can implement all of the polygon commands.


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