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Green polygon Faces

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Green polygon Faces

Hey I was wondering has anyone seen this in Maya 2016. I am modelling a Messerschmitt and I am using the duplicate special so I can mirror my sculpt. Every time I open my file I'm getting these green faces in Random places on my model. I was using the stock lambert shader before this happened then I applied a new lambert to fix the problem and now it is back. What does not make sense is that it is only on the instanced side of my model. I am chalking this up to a bug but if its something else I would love if someone could let me know what it is. Cheers.

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in reply to: dancantwell

My friend had the same problem and solved by exporting the object as "OBJexport file" and importing the file back.


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in reply to: dancantwell

I have the same problem, and am mystified to find out what it is.




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in reply to: church

OK, I removed the old shader, and added a new lambert shader.  Problem gone.  Weird.

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in reply to: church

The same problem. Stupid maya Stupid AD team. Extract polygons loose textures for new mesh and main mesh. Try scripts to extract polygons and get this green polygons. XSI working great with extract polygons and keep textures and materials.

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in reply to: 30011984

Just passing through and noticed your derogatory comment "Stupid maya Stupid AD team".  I am mostly a hobbyist that has owned licenses to Maya, 3ds Max, and Modo for about 5 years now.  I have also used C4D and Blender.  All of these products are very good and all of these products contain issues.


I would hesitate calling the AD team and Maya stupid, however.  After all, Maya has been the industry standard for more than a decade and is used by nearly all of the significant studios.  It seems to me that achieving that level of success in an extremely competitive market saturated with high maintenance customers would require a great deal of skill and intestinal fortitude.


I am not a fan boy of any of the above products.  But I do harbor a great deal of respect for Autodesk and their product teams.  They are the standard by which all other products benchmark themselves.


Anyway, I thought something needed to be said.  I see a lot of AD bashing.  I personally think it is unwarranted.  They are the big guy on the block and I think this is truly the reason people target them.

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in reply to: JabbaTheNut

I'm having much the same problem in Maya 2017. I have a modular wall section with 8 polygons in a group. If I duplicate the group 7 of the 8 polygons go green in the new duplicate. In the render view no materials render so it looks like the same issue as other have above. (see attached) If I copy and paste the group it behaves correctly. Is there a way to permanently fix - presumably the source group has some glitch. As I'm making modular components - not being able to duplicate and/or having to fix all the materials each time is a bit of a pain. Any help or workaround appreciated.
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Reply to my own comment above. Through trial and error I was able to move all of the polygons out of the group. Well 7 of them. The 8th one (the only one in the screen shot that wasn't green as it turns out) appears to be the one that caused problems. Specifically when I moved it out and then duplicated the 8 again (not in a group) the green reappeared. The workaround was to copy and paste the 8th piece and move the copy out. Then I deleted the group with the messed up 8th polygon. It's pretty easy when there are only a few polygons but this would be a real pain in a larger group.
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in reply to: church

worked for me. Thank you so much!

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in reply to: church

Yup, refreshing  the model's material did the trick for me too. I just assigned some random Material, and then went back to the one I wanted, and it got fixed. Thanks.

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in reply to: name_not

you have corrupt component shading group assignments to a non existent shading group most likely.


simply go into face component mode, select all offending faces and assign your shader again.


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in reply to: stooch

This can't be correct. The faces change every time you open the file sometimes they are there, sometimes not, sometimes it's different faces and as already stated when you reassign the shader they come back eventually. In any case its something that was wrong with the first release of 2016 and hasn't popped up again since they released service packs for it.

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in reply to: dancantwell

It is correct. It fixed my problem. A shading group is just an array of face IDs.
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in reply to: dancantwell

Using Maya 2016 sp4
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in reply to: stooch

You say its to a non existing shading group but as previously mentioned no shading groups were created or deleted to create this problem. No shading groups were assigned other than the standard lambert. If the fault is corrupt faces then the same faces would be green every time you open the file. That is not what is happening here. The fact the the green faces are there sometimes and gone other times, and change to other faces when you reopen the scene suggests its a bug. 

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in reply to: dancantwell

Why argue? I suggested a solution that worked for my issue. Try it. If it doesn't work then it doesn't work
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in reply to: stooch

I'm not arguing. I am merely pointing out that what you are suggesting has already been discussed in the thread and been shown to not work thats all.

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in reply to: stooch

Well, this method doesnt work for me either... i need to repair it every time i open the file..

any other ideas?

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oh, deleting history before putting on right material and saving helped. 

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in reply to: dancantwell

And I'm merely pointing out that it did work for me. My post is to help others who may have a similar problem and stumbled on this post. The world doesn't revolve around you buddy

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