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Exporting FBX Thumbnail missing

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Exporting FBX Thumbnail missing

With Maya 2022.2 I've lost the option to export a selected object with a thumbnail when making your own little asset library. What's happened? The was usually an option for FBX Export that is now just Fbx.





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I notice that in the File type menu you have selected "Fbx", however when the fbxmaya plug-in is loaded correctly the value in the option menu should be "FBX export".

Using Windows > Settings/Preferences > Plug-in Manager try unloading the fbxmaya plug-in and then reloading it. Perhaps even restarting Maya between the unload and reload.


Brian Kramer
Software Developer
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This is a known issue.

The current workaround is to open Windows > Settings/Preferences > Preferences. Choose Files/Projects from the list and then under File Dialog set the Dialog style: to Maya default.

Open the Plug-in Manager and unload then reload the fbxmaya plug-in.

The Export Selection option box should now display in the File type menu menu a value of "FBX export" instead of "Fbx" and the Thumbnail/Playblast options will be displayed.

Brian Kramer
Software Developer
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Wow this was so annoying and yet such a simple fix, thanks!

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Ironically the fix for me was the opposite, changing the setting back from Maya to OS Native. Thank you for showing me these settings.

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