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Display name of tool

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Display name of tool

Hello Autodesk mates, @sean.heasley


Maya 2018 has so many icon tools upon it's menubar and toolbars;  I'm looking for the preference setting to display the name of the tool, once the mouse is placed upon an icon.  


Image below (placing mouse upon one of these icons gives name of it)


Thank you for your assistance!!

- HBerrada

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Hi @HBerrada


I don't believe there is an option to do that, however if you hover your mouse over an icon, text will appear saying the name of the tool and it will appear at the bottom left as well.






Let me know if this helps!



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in reply to: sean.heasley

Thank you for your reply.


So there is no name once the mouse is placed upon an icon, however, bottom left of the screen even gives a short description of what the icon does.

Very helpful thing.


Greetings to you Sean!

- HBerrada

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I just started learning Maya myself, and I found a way to enable those pop-ups with tool names if a cursor hover overs icons.


  1. Windows --> Settings/Preferences --> Preferences (for some reason I get an error message the first time, so I have to do this twice before it pops up)
  2. Go to Help (under Interface)
  3. Make sure "Enable", "User Assistance messages", "Status information messages" are checked, and add how many seconds you prefer in "Display time" (I put 3 for myself)
  4. Save, then re-open this settings pop up again (step 1 above)
  5. Go to Help again
  6. Now there's an option for "Popup Help". Check "Display ToolClips" and save


Hope this helps others who are starting Maya as well!

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in reply to: HBerrada

1. Click Windows Menu -> Settings/Preferences -> Preferences

2. Under Interface -> Click Help

3. Under Popup Help (Right side panel) -> Turn on Display ToolClips

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