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Curve Warp Issues

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Curve Warp Issues

Hello. For a lot of work I have ahead of me I want to make use of the Curve warp function, however I am finding it inconsistent and problematic. I'm not sure if it is a bug (using Maya 2019), but on some meshes it creates strange results, the commonality being that the mesh is not on the curve but offset from it by some seemingly arbitrary amount. I've tried all sorts of combinations - raw objects with no transforms and their pivots in different places, objects in a group/not in a group, different object rotations, etc. I've rebuilt curves in case something was strange... and consistently get this offset behavior which is making it unusable for me more than half the time. It has great promise for what I need it for, I'd love to get it working/resolve a bug if there is one/figure out what I might be doing incorrectly? I've read the documentation, looked around on google, watched videos - but have found no solution. Help is much appreciated, thanks!

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For anyone else having the same issue, the answer is that the mesh most likely has pivot transformations (caused by freezing transformations. Use Modify> Bake pivot to fix this and the objects should then work as intended, so far it is for me. 


Thanks to Marko S for the answer.

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You absolute legend @cliffJS4PP   Thankyou! 


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YOU MY FRIEND ARE AN ABSOLUTE LEGEND FOR THIS. been stuck on the same thing ,which should be a 5 second job, for the last 3 hours. bless you xxx

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i love it my time savior thank you 10000

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Thank you so much !!


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