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Can't log into Maya subscription. Some kind of loop

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Can't log into Maya subscription. Some kind of loop



So I'm dealing with this stupid login loop that happens. 


-I just installed Maya on a new windows 10 machine

-click the maya icon

-window pops up "Let's get Started"

-I hit single user. (single user subscription)

-Asks to either Start Trial, or Subscribe now. I already have a license so I click "already have licence" in the bottom right corner


-Back to "Let's get Started" Now its "Switch User" Or Multi-user. Instructs me to Select your licence type or enter serial number. Well only one that makes sense is Switch User as I have no serial number and im not a multi user. 


-New window that says. "Sign Out & Quit". The next time you start the application, you will need to enter your Autodesk ID and password.  I click continue. 


-Window closes. and nothing else happens. 


-Okay so I click on the Maya icon and the whole things starts all over again. Seriously this shouldn't be this hard. 


Anyone knows how this is suppose to work? thanks

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Hi @accounting7S4DZ 


So sorry to hear this 😞 I found a similar thread that may help you, it could possibly be the download of Maya needs to be reinstalled:


Try the steps outlined and let us know if it helps at all.

Diana Rouge

Social Media Specialist
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in reply to: diana.yr

Same problem. Terrible loop. Doesn't Blender work for FREE? Why pay for Maya monthly when it does this? 

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in reply to: Anonymous

Did You found the way to fix this?

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