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Website Configurator

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Website Configurator

My company is looking into building a configurator for aluminum sawhorses on our website, where clients can adjust parameters to update a 3D model and 2D drawing preview. There are only two variables to this project - Length and Height. I have both of these parameters set up in an iPart which is also used as the skeleton for the weldment framework. I'm not sure what the best way to approach this is, but I think the first step is probably exporting PDFs of every possible combination of those variables within a limited range and increments. What is the fastest way to create all these combinations? Would an iAssembly help?




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ipart is more usefull for members that has fix parameters.
If you want to have a model for several custom dimensions (whithin a certain range), i will sugest a parametric model with iLogic form (to control the range).

Check this:




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What you're demonstrating in the GIF is exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for. Is this your design? I would like to study the code in the iLogic. Frankly, I'm not experienced enough to code something myself from scratch. I was hoping maybe I could just replace the variables with my own to make it work but I think I just have to educate myself. Do you know how they're adjusting parameters at the assembly level? I tried linking assembly parameters to the skeleton but it wouldn't let me place that skeleton back into the assembly, because you can't 'place an assembly into itself'.

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Yes, i create parametric systems with some ilogic code.

I believe you not need iLogic rules to create the system you describe, apart the simple rule to link parameters between the assembly and the parts. It's a simple parametric system.


More iLogic rules will be needed when the systems are more complex, with several versions, to change materials, suppress parts etc.

Here's another example:



If you want, you can contact-me via private message and  i will help you to start your system.



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Try this:





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If you want to generate the PDFs for every combination, you could use an iLogic rule in the drawing file to sequentially pick the parameters and export a PDF with an appropriate name for each config.


A more flexible approach (but more difficult and expensive) would be to ask your web developer to check out the inventor API (it's very straightforward as every command you can use in Inventor has his own function call) so it can request any parameter combination of anything you could model and have inventor generate the PDFs and perhaps STEP model if you want. But it will require your server to run windows, your developer to use C# and consume an inventor license 

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If you want the configurator that @CCarreiras  showed, but in a web browser for customers, consider contacting companies that implement Autodesk Forge / Platform Services.


Kacper Suchomski


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