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Please fix the SpaceMouse drivers

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Please fix the SpaceMouse drivers

Hey Fusion team,

I've browsed the forums about this topic, and it's come up a few times. Please fix the drivers for the SpaceMouse, especially for Mac. Maybe not the drivers specifically, since that's probably outside your control, but the implementation of the SpaceMouse in Fusion has to be something you can modify. According to an old thread on this topic, it sounds like both Autodesk and 3DConnexion have decided that it's the other company's responsibility to fix the variety of problems experienced by users of both Fusion and the SpaceMouse. The worst for me is the fact that the control axes are always mixed. I literally cannot yaw around my object without it also rolling, leading to a completely uncontrolled tumble. I don't have this problem in other software. At least on Windows, there's the option within Fusion 360 to do Horizon Lock. It's still not perfect since the SpaceMouse driver still tries to mix the axes, but it helps immensely. However, that option isn't available in Mac! If I go searching through the preferences, it seems that the Preview Feature for SpaceMouse is Windows only! 


I bought the SpaceMouse for work. I spend all day using Fusion professionally, and my work computer is a Mac, which would not be my choice for a large variety of reasons. But it's not my choice, so I'm stuck with it. Unfortunately, Fusion is missing some very important features on Mac, like the ability to Horizon lock. With the way things are now, I can barely use the SpaceMouse in Fusion, which is crazy. I think most CAD pros use some variety of SpaceMouse, so how is this not supported fully already? Please y'all, fix these issues. They've been known about and posted about on this forum for years already. Here are some links to those other posts. 






Also, while you're at it, PLEASE add the ability to select the next button or field in a tool's control box using the Tab key! Every other CAD package has done this for decades, I'm pretty sure Inventor does that too. 


Thanks y'all! I love the software, and learning Fusion opened up a whole new career path for me. There are just some fundamental flaws in the software that make it kind of aggravating to use on a daily basis, unfortunately, and there have been community members posting about them here for years with no progress.

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in reply to: evanQ2CQW

Fusion and 3D Connexion devices has also for me been a true mess the past 6-9. Interestingly, I'm not having the axis issues you mention at all, but my macro buttons are not working. Also, the middle click on the CAD mouse works 80% of the time, but 20% of the time, the middle click/drag "sticks", so that it keeps panning for a second or five after the dragging the 3d view. 

I've altogether stopped using my 3D Connexion devices with Fusion lately, because the two pieces of software work so bad together.


Also, please add the TAB focus shift as mentioned here. It is ridiculous that this feature has not been added yet.


Also in genereal fix Fusion on Mac. It has been a mess lately. 

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