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i can't get out from Form modeling, Fusion just freeze and i can't keep working nor export file.

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i can't get out from Form modeling, Fusion just freeze and i can't keep working nor export file.

My file is stuck in Form editing, when i press Finish Form it starts working and never ends. I tried with different computers and even a downloaded version of the file. I wonder if there's a way to save my student job anyway

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below the file

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Sorry for the slow response--something odd is happening with this one.


This surface has some problems with T-junctions that are almost-but-not-quite-aligned. Further, these T-points are too close to star points (within 2 faces), which is causing some undesirable surface creasing. This is resulting in some of the sharp creases that you see along the straps, for example. Those topology problems are triggering some odd downstream problems, which is what's got you locked up. I fully intend to spend more time frowning thoughtfully at this one to see how we can make the T-points behave better.


To get you going for now, you will need to do some surface repairs. The quickest result is to use "Make Uniform" with the "Convert T-points" option. You do have some floating T-points that would need to be deleted for that to work, but at least that would let you get to resolving the other surfacing issues.


Even after you get past that point, you'll still have some self-intersecting surfaces to resolve.

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in reply to: paolo_calimici

@paolo_calimici We are sorry for the inconvenience. We reproduced the hang and logged a ticket against the issue.

Regarding your backpack model itself, I found too many self-intersections in it. There are 11 T-spline bodies in this model. All bodies can be converted to BRep successfully, except for Body12 and Body19.


Let's take a look at Body12 in Box Display Mode. You can see many intersections between the small straps and the main backpack. BRep does not allow this kind of self-intersections. You need to have the small straps as separate bodies.

After I manually deleted the small straps, the Finish Form command immediately displays a conversion error. The face indicated by the green arrow looks topologically bad.
body12_self_intersect.pngThe face has 8 edges!

I suggest the following:

  1. Design the small straps as separate bodies, probably the large straps as well.
  2. Re-design the top area including the 8-edge face. Try to make each face a quadrilateral.
  3. While you create or modify T-spline surface, press the Finish Form button as often as possible to make sure each T-spline body can be converted to BRep successfully. You can always go back to edit the T-spline surfaces after they're converted to BRep. It's much easier to detect and fix self-intersections in early design stage than final design stage as in this backpack model.

Glenn Chun
Sr. Principal Engineer

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