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How to uninstall and reinstall Fusion 360

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How to uninstall and reinstall Fusion 360

Fuison 360 on my PC quite working and the standard Windows 7 Uninstall does not work.  I tried removing recommended directories etc manually so that I could reinstall; however, these is still some unknown reference to Fusion 360 that attempts to relaunch the old unexistent Fusion 360 and does not allow me to reinstall from scratch.  How can I completely remove all references so I can reinstall anew.







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try to rename this directory (for example to "Autodesk_bak"): 




Then try to reinstall.


And now about the possible cause of the problem:

Are You using the same Windows account for installation and uninstallation?





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Hi Alex, yes everything is installed under the same account. The problem
is that I had other Autodesk products like Inventor installed and I would
hate fragmenting the directory structure by renaming. I was hoping I just
needed to clear a registry key or reference somewhere with the Fusion 360
file structure.


Emil Rivas
+1 813 434 0417

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I have followed the steps according to...


to no avail.  This has happened to me before where Fusion 360 started bombing out on my PC and I could not perform a standard uninstall through the control panel.  There is something about the Autodesk Stream Installation that trumps all installation efforts, it is like it has its own previous installation history or flag somewhere independent of how many of those directories, subdirectories and files mentioned in the uninstallation process I have cleaned up.  Fusion 360 is great but when it crashes and it cannot be uninstalled and reinstalled fresh without a mayor undertaking leaves much to be desired.  If Autodesk's Stream Installation is going to trump the control panel uninstallation or if regularly Fusion 360 corrupts the control panel uninstallation process, perhaps you should provide an Autodesk Stream Based Uninstaller that clears all the necessary files, flags, folders etc.  

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in reply to: emil135k



I went ahead and renamed the folder to Autodesk.bak, and it installed just fine.  As I wanted to keep everything consolidated under the original Autodesk folder, once Fusion 360 installed I immediately uninstalled it through the control panel which actually launched the Auodesk Installation Stream.  I put restated the original Autodesk folder from Autodesk.bak to Autodesk and removed the Neutron folder and the webdeploy folder, and now Fusion 360 seems to be installing appropriately.







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I'm happy the folder rename worked for You Emil.


I agree that the Fusion uninstallation procedure deserves more attention.



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Alex "uninstallation procedure deserves more attention" - you are so right. But you said that on January 2015 (!) and NO RESPONSE from F360 team. It is almost 2018 (!) and f360 uninstallation still is a nightmare. I'm trying to uninstall f360 completely from my PC but it behive like a virus! I don't see it in "installed programs" in Windows, i've deleted all folders&subfolders named: autodesk. But if i double click on some *.f3d file i've created... fusion stats loading! this is sick. Guys are able to solve it? When?What should i do now to clear my system and be able to install it again? Asking why all this? My f360 somehow don't have Sheet Metal module! How is it possible? Those cloud services seem to be bad idea:/

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I'm happy the folder rename worked for You Emil.


I agree that the Fusion uninstallation procedure deserves more attention.






It is well into 2018 and so far as I have been looking there is no smooth procedure available to enable me to get my installation of F360 working properly.  If there is a straight forward uninstall / reinstall process will someone please tell me how to find it.


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Hi @EngineNumber99,


There's an uninstaller application that you can download here. It removes all application files for Fusion 360, and gives you an option whether or not to delete your cached design files as well. 

Kate Raskauskas

Product Support Specialist

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well, ran that fushion 360 cleaner.  DOES NOT WORK!  it deleted some files, but did not remove from windows.  now really bad state--can't uninstall and can't install fushion 360.  autdodesk needs to really fix this--awful!

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in reply to: emil135k

Reviving this thread to include the latest best practice and guidance from our team. Since the last reply to this thread, we've made numerous improvements and updates to the un-install experience. Based on your feedback, the new uninstall utility is now more robust and fixes most common issues. If you are trouble-shooting Fusion and are thinking about uninstalling to re-install, please refer to this official support article first and learn about your options.

Keqing Song
Autodesk Fusion Community Manager
Portland, Oregon, USA

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