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How to Limit/Set Split Body Cutting Plane

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How to Limit/Set Split Body Cutting Plane

I need to know if the extent of the cutting plane in a split body operation can be set or limited. As an example, I have attached three pictures. Box_1 is just a hollow box with a small solid box inside it. Box_2 shows that I have created a sketch box on the bottom of the hollow box. Finally, Box_3 shows the split body operation using the sketch as the cutting plane. The issue is that I don't want the cutting plane to extend thru the top of the hollow box, just far enough to cut the bottom side of the box and include the solid box inside. Can this be done?Box_1Box_1Box_2Box_2Box_3Box_3

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in reply to: jtevisD9ACH

As you are finding, you can't get there in one go, 

Split the top of the box off first, hide it, split the bottom plate as you desire, and then join the top plate back on.


Might help....

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in reply to: davebYYPCU

That's what I figured, but I thought it was worth asking. Seems the extension of the splitting tool is arbitrary, as is the extent of the "extend splitting tool" option.

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in reply to: jtevisD9ACH

Actually, it seems it's possible. The key seems to be that you must create a temporary body, and use the surface of that as the cutting tool.

Here's the starting point, one body:


Create a sketch on the inside surface, and draw rectangle that is larger than the small box (probably works with same size as well):


Extrude it, to create a new body. Height does not matter:


Use the bottom surface of the new body as the cutting tool:



Now you have three bodies: The inner box, the outer box and the tool box (hidden here):


While doing this I experienced a bug, that the outer box sometimes disappeared  after cutting (the body was in "Bodies", but not showing even when visible). Saving the drawing and opening it again made it come back.

I find it strange that you have to create a temporary body and use the face of that as the cutting tool, and cannot just use a profile of a sketch instead. Maybe there's a good technical reason?

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in reply to: Bjanders

Just maybe you still don’t have what was needed.


Large Box with a hole in it on the bottom face.  

Plugged up by the other body.


Might help....


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in reply to: davebYYPCU

That's right. I misunderstood the problem. (But it solved mine 🙂 ) Strange that such a basic operation is not possible in an easier way than splitting and then rejoining.

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in reply to: Bjanders

You almost had it, 

simplest way, or more complicated ways?

Seen lots of people get convoluted, 

Were you just separating the two original bodies?  Why a 3rd body?

Second body as New Body would solve, for you?


eye of the beholder.

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in reply to: davebYYPCU

Yes, if I had made the  model, then the second body as a new body would of course have worked (like I did with the third). My problem was that I received a part with the outer and inner box as one body without design history, and needed to separate the inner body (for 3D printing with separate materials).

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