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How to cut a project in half.

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How to cut a project in half.

I am trying to build a mould. I created the outer shell, and realized that I would never get the casting out. I tried cutting the print in half so I could re print two halves. I am new and have no idea what I am doing! My file looks like only one half but when I put it into Cura I still get the whole object. Obviously I did something wrong, I am attaching the file. Could someone show me how to end up with only half of this? I am going to try lost pla casting this into brass.

I searched previous problems but don't really know what to search for. I need to learn the lingo.

Thank you




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The Section Analysis tool is only a graphics tool to help you work inside Fusion 360, it has no effect on your exported model for 3D printing.  You did a correct Split Body, so what you want to do is outlined in the Screencast, Save as Mesh one of the bodies to an STL or 3MF file for 3D printing.


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John Hackney

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John, Thank you. My project got kind of delayed. 

I will have a go at it.

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