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Fusion 360 unable to open files after update

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Fusion 360 unable to open files after update

I recently tried to open a file on my "single-user storage" that was accessed maybe a week ago. An error dialogue popped up that said I should update Fusion to be able to access that file. I checked and this only affected two recently edited files. I updated Fusion. Now, when I try to open these files I get another error. There's a lot of time invested in these files... it feels like the a major point of cloud storage is avoid file corruption... but here we are. Any advice or support from the Fusion team?



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@j.berez @Can you confirm some of the below questions? 

1. Are you workin to on multiple machines or only one? 

2. If you go to Help-About what version of Fusion are you on? 

3. On that error please collect the logs and attach here 

Rajkumar Ilanchelian
Autodesk Fusion

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I tried this one two different computers. On the first, I was running
2.0.16976 x86_64 when I received a error message that said I had to 'update
to open this file.' On the second, I was also running this version then the
same error occurred saying I needed to 'update to open this file.' I
updated Fusion on the second computer to 2.0.16985 x86_64. After updating I
tried to open the file again and received the error message: "Fusion 360 is
unable to open . IT may not have been synced correctly. Make sure
everything is saved, restarted Fusion 360, and try again. If it still
doesn't work..."
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@j.berez The version you need to be in 2.0.17721

1. Close Fusion
2. Delete the shortcut that you use to launch Fusion (important)
3. Go to add/remove program
4. Select Fusion - Select Modify

This will launch the Fusion service utility 

5. Run the "Repair Fusion"

This will take you to 2.0.17721 and also create a new shortcut for you. This should solve the issue. 

Rajkumar Ilanchelian
Autodesk Fusion

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That resolved my issue -- thank you!

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