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Fusion 360 Product design extension "something went wrong"

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Fusion 360 Product design extension "something went wrong"

I am an Education user, a professor teaching a class using fusion 360. We are trying to use the product design extension on one of our projects. However, when I and several (but not all) students try accessing the extension, we receive the following error: "Something went wrong. Please try again in a few minutes." I have been trying to activate the extension since last week and have tried on multiple computers. The other available extensions do work. I have activated and used all of them previously and am currently at a loss of what else to try.


I did try searching through the forums for a similar issue but the related issues are closed as resolved without suggesting anything different than what I have already tried beyond simply waiting and hoping.


Thank you for any assistance anyone can offer.

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I guess I'm SOL, then? The other extensions work, but the Product design extension is not working for me and a few of my students. Weeks later, it is still not working and has been tested on multiple computers. As an educational user, I cannot contact support and only get referenced to this forum. 

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