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Fusion 360 File Fails to Update and is Considered Unavailable

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Fusion 360 File Fails to Update and is Considered Unavailable

Hi Everybody,


I am a high school student working on a Chromebook through the web browser version of Fusion 360 and have encountered an error with saving a file. I was working on the file in question yesterday when the web browser kicked me out and made me reload F360. When I loaded F360 again, F360 had created an autosave version of the file I was working on but refused to allow the file to open, saying it was "unavailable". I waited some time and eventually, impatiently decided to use the most recent available version and redo the edits I had made prior to being kicked out of the program. This new version I attempted to save as the latest and for the most part it appeared successful. However, upon reopening F360 later yesterday, I found that both versions (the save as latest and auto-saved) were in a state of perpetual uploading, and I received the same message I had with the autosaved version. The time stamps on the files are incorrect, but, at this point, the problem has lasted for almost 24 hours. I understand that the large version count (177) could be a problem, I also understand that users in the past have solved the issue by examining the data logs and or clearing their cache and or removing and redownloading Fusion 360; as this is the web version I am unsure if this is a possibility, much less how to do it.


Any and all help is much appreciated,







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@Jason502 I have forwarded this to our internal team to see what could be happening. 

Rajkumar Ilanchelian
Autodesk Fusion

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Thank you for doing that.


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@RajkumarIlanchelian Is there any update on the status of this? I have logged into Fusion numerous times over the past week and still have the same issue. I have to access to this for a school project and this problem is a major hold-up.


Thank you in advance,


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