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Can't change subscription

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Can't change subscription


I got an educational licence while I was studying and renewed it once. Now my studies have finished and my subscription expired. I'm trying to change over to Fusion for personal use but am unable. Under my subscriptions in my account there is nothing, so I can't delete my educational licence, and have tried signing out, uninstalling, and reinstalling from the personal use link on Autodesk website. Still no luck, as soon as I sing in it shows fusion with an expired licence. Please help, I really need to get back in to editing my files. 

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The LoginState.xml file contains the current user status and settings.  I assume you have already applied for an Fusion 360 Personal License using your current Autodesk ID which is not your old Educational Autodesk ID.  This XML file can be deleted and will automatically be regenerated for the current user the next time Fusion 360 is started.  Making sure you have Fusion 360 closed, follow the steps outlined in this webpage to remove this file and then see if a restart of Fusion 360 fixes the issue.  By the way, a new Personal License begins with a 30 day Fusion 360 Full Subscription trial so do not be surprised.

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John Hackney

Beyond the Drafting Board

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Yes I believe I have applied for a personal licence. I can't find that file anywhere on my Mac unfortunately. Any other suggestions? Thank you

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/Users/"your user name"/Library/Application Support/Autodesk/Web Services/


Then "Libraries" folder is usually hidden. Keep that in mind if you want to navigate there using the finder.

Peter Doering
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If it's hidden how do I find it then? There is no Library folder under Users/"username". And under Library (not in user folder)/ApplicationSupport there is no folder for Autodesk

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Go to the internet and search for how to show hidden folders on a MAC.

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John Hackney

Beyond the Drafting Board

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Thank you. I have managed to find the file, deleted it and reopened Fusion360 but no change.

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Does anyone have an email address that I can email Autodesk about this? Whenever I go to the support and write in my problem the only contact option I have is to live chat, but then when I try that my position in the queue never changes. I've waited for nearly 2 hours and still been in the same place. This really shouldn't be this difficult a process

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