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What the Swarf

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What the Swarf

Maybe someone can point me in the right direction..  With the swarf operation, as I select manual contour pairs on the top and bottom faces the selection will switch to mill  from bottom to top, direction and opposite sides of the face. Of course this gives me a outrageous tool path.

If I use the Advanced Swarf operation, I can select top and bottom guide curves and I get the appropriate selections.  However, I get the red diamond stating these must be continuous lines.  Due to the geometry of the model this isn't possible and unnecessary. 

The one swarf I was able to accomplish has several loops for seemingly no reason.  This will work for this project but I'd rather not have them.



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I'm not sure which was supposed to be the correct Lower Curve, or what the intended result was for toolpath, I'll leave that for you to sort out. The resulting toolpath was a failure, but I suspect it had to do with the aforementioned points.

Consider this method of defining and selection:


Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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I understand your approach and will work on it.


I've attached a screen shot of what I've called the "rear swoop".  You can see the lead in/out it wants to do in the middle of the tool path.  Curious if you'd get the same result.


Thank you so much for your attention to this issue!

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Maybe it work this way for you...



But at one point it don't wok


I think there is something with your model

at the left side I can klick the curved line as once


at the right side the line is cut at half


I think it is the reason, why the toolpath is cut there

The Buttom faces are the faces at the blue line



this is what I get this way, a nice toolpath except for this funny point there



Maybe you can do two or three operations of it with left side, middle and right side


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Thank you for your help. 


I did get the Advanced Swarf function to properly follow the contour eventually.  I think it had something to do with the avoid surface function.  I created a new tool path, selected the top and bottom guide curves and selected the rear wall to avoid.  

There is something wrong with the model.  There were very small sections of the contours that overlapped.


I am still looking at cleaning up the "rear swoop" tool path if possible.  Do you see anything wrong with the contour selections?



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There's an issue with the Rear Swoop toolpath when it's recalculated in our internal and future builds. I've opened up a ticket to investigate why the toolpath becomes rather....broken.

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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Hi @rstoddard9MQBB 


Could you please clarify your problem with Swarf (not Advanced Swarf)?


I've tried the following settings and got nice toolpath in both cases. There two points to be aware of:

1) Swarf isn't model aware in "Contour pairs" mode so you should carefully verify toolpath.

2) Synchronization Mode = Shortest distance will give you the best result for this example.

3) You can change cutting direction by reversing bottom curve and side for the machining using "Machine other side" option.








Oleg Tikhomirov
Software Engineer
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Hi Oleg,


When I used the Swarf function on the "rear swoop" I had leadout and leadin in one small section.  Almost like it was trying to mill small line segments individually.


For this project, it wasn't important to follow the model lines.  Therefore, I created a 2D contour toolpath to follow a projected line along that "swoop" including the 3D geometry.  Both A and C axis at 90 degrees produces an acceptable part. 


Thank you for your insight on this project!



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