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Viccam VS 1326 Post Processor

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Viccam VS 1326 Post Processor

Hello. My Company uses Viccam Vs1326 CNC machine. It has a controller which uses NC System v3.0. So far it has been working fine. It also has ATC with 8 tool holders. Coordinates are all saved and editable in controller("Atc Para")
I know the company it was bought from used Surfcam and they confirmed that ATC worked with that(which i can also confirm. went to tool holders and picked up a tool). And i have been trying to find but so far no luck finding a solution to get ATC to work. If i make a milling with 2 seperate tools. It just constantly continues. Even wont recognize that any tool isnt on the machine. Is there any good post processor or what my solution could be to get it working?

Thanks in advance,  Artur.


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