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Turn the "NC Program" folder off

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Turn the "NC Program" folder off



Any way I can turn it off, its useless for me and with complex parts using 100's of programs it takes me ages to scroll back up to do something as simple as a model visibility change, please see attached screenshot and how can I hide this folder?






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Usually you only need to have a single NC Program, instead of clicking "Post Process" every time that you want code just have the one NC Program and right click on it and select "Edit", the NC Program will open, then you can select/deselect any Operaion/Group of Operations and just Post code for waht you want.


If you just want to "Collapse" the NC Programs then at the top where it says NC Programs to the Left is a small arrow pointing down and to the right, clicking on that should collapse all those NC Programs into one .


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in reply to: engineguy


Its not really applicable for what I do, I much prefer the older way, and when I collapse it, it opens right back up after posting another tool path.

Is there an actual way to just get rid of it?
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in reply to: MaxWP2TT

@MaxWP2TT  Un-tick this box:


Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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in reply to: seth.madore

So good!, thank you very much.
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That setting has disappeared in one of the recent updates.


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in reply to: Jeff_L

It only exists as an option the when you post process toolpaths for the first time as opposed to opening an NC Program from the browser because it has already been created in the browser. 

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in reply to: mattdlr89

Ah! Perfect! Thanks for the clarification.
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in reply to: MaxWP2TT

Thanks Seth for clarifying how to DISABLE it from occurring in the future.


What is the conscious design decision to automatically enable the NC PROGRAM dialog default expand on every program launch?


Why not let the user expand the NC Program dialog as has been the case up until July 12th update?


Would love to hear the conscious design decision as to why to force expand it on every user.


Only because it's really annoying to see it come up multiples times a day, just to delete them all.


Of course all new programs will have the feature DISABLED.


But all programs opened from years ago will always auto-expand? 

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in reply to: graham178

I am unsure as to the reasoning behind force expanding the NC programs, sorry.

I don't think that files created years ago are going to have this, since NC Programs are relatively new (in relation to the age of the software)

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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in reply to: seth.madore

Thanks. Had this... problem.. for awhile now.. for me also old programs are useless, and only messes with workflow, but thatnks to You i was able to fix it 5 minutes after realizing that it is a problem for me and starting to search for solution! Really appreciate an ability to fix issues that fast 🙂

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in reply to: engineguy

It's so useless. 99.9 % of users are useing Milling/nc Code button because it is just one click to reach the same window, instead of right click on nc program/edit.  Some of my college  also use the right click/edit  combination if they want to edit some operation, instead of double fast click on folder icon next to the operation name. I just can understand it why?

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