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sometimes my sketches will not "sketch lock" with my 3dconnexion mouse

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sometimes my sketches will not "sketch lock" with my 3dconnexion mouse

as the title describes, I am getting at times an issue where my sketches will not "sketch lock" (a setting within the 3dconnexion app while using fusion360) . I hope I am doing something wrong and someone has a fix , however it seems that it is completely random on when it decides to work or not. but it does seem to always happen with i am editing a "child" component , or a sub-component if that makes sense. I have included a screen capture of the sketch i am having an issue with.  maybe this is just a bug with 3dconnexion and nothing that fusion360 can do about it. when this sketch lock feature was released I did not like it at first but have grown to like it a lot and i wish it would work all the time haha...


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 forgot to add the screenshot... here it is

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