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Slot in a curved part

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Slot in a curved part

I'm having trouble figuring out how to cut the slot in this part.  I plan to do 2 previous operations to cut out the outline of the part.  The third operation would be to stand it upright and machine the slot.  Fusion's recent update to 2d adaptive is a bit confusing to me when it comes to making selections for the pocket.  I've tried making a sketch to contain the area of the slot and couldn't get that to work.  3d adaptive works but it is trying to machine away material that would no longer be there.  Can anyone offer some assistance?


Thanks, Scot

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I traced over sketch 14 with a line to make it solid Then used a 2d Adaptive with a 3mm cutter using 5mm step downs to clear the slot then use sketch 14 to profile a contour finishing cut using a bigger end mill. 

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@scotS3G9D The file you shared doesn't have any toolpaths or setups in it, so it would take us several steps to get to where the stage is set properly for 3d Adaptive to work. If you progra

m the first couple of operations and then use "Rest Machining" the 3d Adaptive should ignore areas that are already cut out. If you want to use 2D Adaptive, give this workflow a try (no sketches required)


While it doesn't get to the bottom of the slot, it gives you an idea of how to make your selections


Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing

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